dikteon's radiological center

Dikteon's Radiation Center ''AKTINODIANGNOSIS'' offers diagnostic and interventional radiology services. Specialized staff and specialized equipment meet all the requirements for high accuracy and high diagnostic tests. Specialized and experienced doctors/ with the help and valuable cooperation of radiographers handle modern machines and perform all needed radiological examinations.


A modern Siemens Multix Polydoros radiographic machine is used for classic radiology. A specialised Digitizer Unit is also used to digitize the X-ray image and make it even clearer. 
Digital radiography helps speeding up examinations, optimize imaging and provides the required diagnostic information to the patient with the least possible radiation exposure.
All simple X-ray images (chest, abdomen, NOK, skull, limbs, AMS, SCMS, pelvis, etc.) are performed in the classical radiology unit, as well as intravenous pyelography, rheumatoid arthritis and cholangiography.


The ultrasonic section works with 3 ultrasound machines:

High-definition imaging PHILIPS HD11 XE, SIEMENS Sequoia 510, ACCUSON Aspen DNS1. The department performs body ultrasounds (thyroid, abdomen, bladder, prostate, liver, etc.) and Doppler color ultrasound scanning (carotid triplex, vertebral arteries, arteries and upper and lower veins, langons, kidney arteries etc).


The mammography department is running a breast ultrasound and a GE Senographe 800T Mammography Machine Nova mammogram for full breast diagnostic by ultrasound and classical / digitized mammography.

bone mineral density (DEXA) UNIT

The bone mass measurement unit operates a GE Lunar Bone Densitometer, which accurately performs bone, femoral and hip bone measurements.


The latest Radiography Unit of Aktinodiagnosis Center is the new Planmeca PM 2002 CC Proline machine that performs digital panoramic radiographs of teeth and jaw.

MEDICAL PHYSICS-RADIation protection

Aktinodiagnosis collaborates with a radiophysicist who has all the necessary equipment to control the safe operation of our center. Dr. Constantinos Zervidis is responsible for the quality control of all the radiological equipment of the center, the radiation protection of the workers, the patients and the public and finally for the quality of the imaging picture with the lowest possible dose of radiation to the subject.


The Radiological Department is today the only radiological center in Cyprus that was build with ready-made German radiation protection shields that contain Barium Safeboard material. Following high-level studies by the medical center's medical physicist and Radiation Protection team, Dr. Kostandinos Zervidis and Panaretos Zervidis, Aktinodiagnosis team decided to invest to the maximum protection shield to keep everyone safe.

The Knauf Safeboard, the lead–free X–ray resistant plasterboard is revolutionizing healthcare. It is a great example of our aim to ‘Build for the world we live in’ – and just one in a growing range of Knauf plasterboard products that deliver the right solution in demanding situations. Knauf Safeboard is an X-ray resistant plasterboard with barium sulphate in its core. It effectively and significantly reduces the amount of lead needed within X-ray shielding partitions, in many cases removing the need for lead altogether. Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler is used with Knauf Safeboard X-ray shielding plasterboard to complete the radiation protection.